Monday, 7 October 2013

Now and Forever?

Many a times, I have quite a number of things in my head but when it comes to penning it down, I just don't progress. Last week was busy with dinners every night until the bf complained that he was not getting enough attention.
It was a series of eight nights lined up with eight different groups of friends, each wanting to be hanging out. As much as I am tired of going out night after night, I can't say no to them as it'll be disheartening for many due to  the effort most of them put to accommodate my time.

While I was out with a couple of my girlfriends one of  the nights, one of them made a toast to our friendship. A toast to twenty odd years of friendship and hopefully many more. We knew each other since we were kids, into teenage, young adults and still growing. No one knows what installed tomorrow, but the journey we have shared all these while was full of colorful memories. From the simplest things of playing with water balloons to relationship tangles right up to rushing to the emergency room, every incident was a moment to cherish. I still remember how she work the word idiot into her wedding toast simply because I was a mere five minutes late and calling me at four in the morning when her then boyfriend had just proposed. All the times we went clubbing and could barely walk back to our cars let alone drive home. The amount of stupid things we'd done in public places and that once when we went for a party and I ditch her half-way when I met someone who got my attention. 

Yesterday, The Mrs came by. He flew in all the way just to spend the weekend. While we were just sitting in my balcony and talking, little did we realize that we've known each other for over a decade now. His presence has also undoubtedly painted my life with many colorful stories. We never really did all that many stupid things together as much as we used to quarrel, argue and fight. But somehow, the bond just grew each day and we share a very, what my other friends term, delicate love-hate relationship. 

While these two are the most colorful of characters that I have in my life, the rest of my friends are no less any different. We are all so close that at times the invisible boundary seems to completely disappear. They are closer than family to me for these people have been there for me all this while, good or bad

I just hope that our relationships would last the test of time and the bf could be part of this amazing circle as we all age together gracefully.

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